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GlobalTech Hungary Informatics Ltd. is a belgian-hungarian IT consulting and software development company founded in 2003. As member of the Eurocircuits Group we provide solutions for production units within the company group.
We are working together for almost 20 years. In that time Europrint (formerly name of Eurocircuits) used a traditional character based application written in Progress ver. 6, which was in fact a a simple order follow-up software with very few production support functionalities.
As Europrint was growing fast this application was not really good enough to handle all the challenges they faced to and the need of a new modern ERP was quite strong. We were looking together for an existing ERP on the market but was nothing found to solve this special sort of production. After that Europrint decided to ask us to build their ERP from scratch and we made and installed PCB-Pro in 2000.
In 2004 we introduced the thin-client architecture, DWP (Dynamic WebClient Platform) at Europrint. This tehcnology was great and a perfect way to make PCB-Pro web-enabled. From that time most of the new functions was made in DWP, in the next generation application, named PCB-Online.
Eurocircuits is still growing (while in 2000 had only one factory in Eger, Hungary, now they have five in Hungary, Germany and India), the manufacturing technology is more and more complex in these production plants, additionally, were new trends exploded into the life during the last few years. In 2012 we started to develop our new framework Corvina which provides a perfect answer for these new challenges. It gives support for having production units on different places in different time zones, using shared business process engines and having any kind of UI technologies including tablets and mobile phones. Corvina is based on the most recent Progress OpenEdge 11 technology and eC-pro, eC-bpm and eC-mq are the new solutions we made for Eurocircuits based on Corvina.
There is another software team working for Eurocircuits, Intellial Solutions Pvt Ltd. located in India, to support commercial activities, production preparation, logistics, invoicing and management information requirenments. Together with Intellial we have built a personal cloud to have a very useful integrated layer for Eurocircuits.