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OpenEdge® is the complete application development platform to build dynamic, business process-enabled applications for secure deployment across any platform, any mobile device, and any Cloud and this is the platform what we use at Eurocircuits in their backend applications for more than 20 years.
To check what is new in OpenEdge 11 follow the link here.

OpenEdge Advanced Business Language, or OpenEdge ABL for short (formerly known as Progress 4GL) was developed in the early 1980s by Progress Software Corporation (PSC). The language, typically classified as a fourth-generation programming language, uses an English-like syntax to simplify software development. OpenEdge ABL helps developers to develop applications optionally using its own integrated relational database and programming tool. These applications are portable across computing systems and allow access to various popular datasources without having to learn the underlying data access methods. This means that the end-user of these products can be unaware of the underlying architecture. By combining a fourth generation language and relational database, OpenEdge ABL allows the use of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model for developing software. A programmer and even end users can do rapid prototyping using the integrated and GUI tools of the development environment. Progress technology provides the infrastructure for applications as diverse as ERP and financial trading, across industries as diverse as retail (Smartstores), manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, and government.

Progress Software Corporation was co-founded under the name Data Language Corporation by several MIT graduates, including Joseph W. Alsop, in 1981. and was renamed in 1987. Headquarters are in Bedford, their products and technology are used at over 60,000 organizations in 140 countries including 90% of the Fortune 500.

OpenEdge has a very powerful community with thousands of developers and IT specialist around the world organized in user groups. EMEA PUG Challenge is the primery technical and business oriented conference organized by the European Progress User Groups in every November. The equivalent event is the PUG Challenge Americas for overseas users. In addition PSC organizes the Progress Exchange (last year Progress Revolution) in every year. We at GlobalTech Hungary spending a good effort in organizing the Hungarian Progress User Group and together with Eurocircuits doing support and sponsoring for conferences and other user group events.